forest CuBe

A place in the sun, a cube in the forest, a large creative space for artistic developments, audiovisual projects and, a rough environment to rehearsal, play or film within the nature. Currently in use as a recording studio, making video clip, painting experience for the label NO FRIDGE.

How would you develop your artistic side in a huge space in the middle of the forest?
Name it : theatre, dance & music rehearsals, music recording, filming, audiovisual activities, circus performance, yoga sessions, meditation, painting, sculpture, all sorts of artistic performances that may require a WIDE OPEN SPACE.

In the service of your creativity we can provide you with :

70m2 studio dedicated to music recording, surrounded by analogs keyboards, ethnic instruments, Pro Tools, Preamps..
280m2 studio within the forest, available 24 hours, ceiling at 6m high, 35 m2 dancing floor, backstage, bar & salon, rocket chimney corner, toilet & shower, lots of inspiration of the Girona surroundings.
Ask for more? plenty of natural light, quietness, relaxing ambience in nature, Catalan food.

To rent the cuBe, the space and more information, please contact us :